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Airsoft Tactical Equipment

We have a stockpile of airsoft gear to buy, including helmets, gas masks, custom masks and other airsoft equipment. If you’re in a need of a tactical vest, holster or bagpack, we’ve got you covered.

All of our tactical equipment come with free delivery to UK customers and come with 60 day returns.

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What Types Of Tactical Equipment Do You Sell?

We sell a vast range of tactical equipment at Airsoft Deals, from helmets and goggles to gun bags and holsters. Below are just a few types of tactical equipment we sell.

Tactical Holsters

A holster is used to hold a handgun securely in place when not in use. This is commonly placed on a belt on the waist, leg or ankle. A holster allows an airsoft player to quickly draw their sidearm, which is essential if your airsoft gun has run out of ammunition and you need to get rounds down range.

Tactical Backpacks

Tactical backpacks typically come with MOLLE, which enables the user to attach equipment to the outside of the bag if desired. Tactical backpacks are high quality and are very strong, great for a milsim game or hunting.

Gun Cases

If you play airsoft, it’s essentially to ensure that your airsoft gun is secure. A gun case is recommended as it can be locked and keeps the gun safe.

Eye Protection

In airsoft, eye protection is required to be worn in any airsoft game. We stock a wide range of eye protection to suit your style.

Face Protection

Face protection is a great way to protect your eyes and teeth from bbs, it’s considered the best way to stay safe when playing airsoft.

Gloves, Knee Pads and Elbow Pads

Airsoft can be a very brutal sport, so it’s always good to protect your hands, elbows and knees by purchasing relevant protection.

Tactical Helmets

If you’re after an operator look or want to add lights, night vision or other attachments without adding them to your gun, a helmet is a great way to go.

Magazine Pouches

A magazine pouch stores your airsoft guns in a simple pouch which allows for you to quickly grab the magazine and reload. Magazine pouches are considered a necessity as it is very uncomfortable to carry spare magazines in your pocket.

Tactical Vests

Tactical vests typically hold pouches for magazines and other equipment. Some vests also have a holster to attach your sidearm to.

Tactical Chest Rigs

Chest rigs are lighter than vests but can still hold a fair amount of magazines, making them a lightweight option that will keep you cool in the summer heat.

What Is Tactical Equipment Used For In Airsoft?

In most sports, participants use specific equipment to either stay safe or to enhance their performance, think of any extreme sport. Airsoft is a tactical team based sport, where players are in a military simulation where it is key to “stay alive” and eliminate the enemy. Tactical equipment can protect you from the environment, such as woodland, sand and rain. It can also protect you from the sting off bbs, by adding an extra layer to your clothing. Tactical equipment is also used to enhance the performance of the airsoft player. A holster can make it much easier to access a secondary weapon such as a pistol. Goggles would protect your eyes and magazine pouches would enable you to reload faster. If you’re looking to enhance your game then tactical equipment is the first step.