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We have airsoft buttstocks for rifles, stocks for pistols and a range of custom stocks and bundles available. All of our airsoft stocks are eligible for fast and free shipping and 60 day returns.

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    (Bottom sling loop slightly scuffed) Magpul style UBR stock in Dark Earth

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    ACS-L Stock

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    Battlelink Utility Stock

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    CAA CBS style stock (advanced battery storage which holds 4 CR123 batteries)

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    Command arms stock

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    CTR stock enhanced buttpad

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    F93 Pro Stock

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    Fab Defence Style GK- MAG AK47 magazine housing stock

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    FAB Defense style GL-MAG (5.56 varient)

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    Glock tactical stock

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    LARUE POD for CTR/MOE stocks

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    Larue style RISR

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Showing 1–12 of 25 results

What Are Airsoft Stocks?

 A stock is the part of a gun that you hold against your shoulder, it helps the airsoft player aim the gun and have good stability keeping them on target. Today there are many different types of buttstock. Depending on the type of rifle used or the preference of the shooter, there are various stocks for different playstyles. Some stocks now contain unique features such as battery compartments, rails for attachments, bipods, raised cheek rests and sling mounts.

What Types Of Stock Do You Sell?

At Airsoft Deals, we sell a wide range of gun stocks to suit every player’s needs. Below we will talk about each type of rifle stock we have available: 

Folding Stocks

Folding stocks are not a relatively new concept, being seen in the likes of AK stock and g36 stocks. They have become more popular with guns that do not traditionally come with a folding stock, such as the m4 stock.Folding stocks allow easy storage of your airsoft gun and allow a longer rifle to be reduced in size, making it much easier to operate the rifle in CQB battles and in vehicles. 

Pistol Stocks

Pistol stocks are also not a new concept, there are many examples of gun stocks being used in real life. Modern pistol stocks are available, particularly the glock airsoft stock which aids the players stability while shooting. 

Sniper Stocks

Sniper stocks can be made of different materials, have the ability to attach rails and other attachments. As sniper stocks come with a sniper purchase, you would either be looking to upgrade your current stock or replace it.

Collapsible Stocks

A collapsible stock allows you to reduce or increase the length of the stock. This allows the airsoft player to adjust the length of the stock to suit their needs or environments. If you need to store your gun, you can reduce your stock length to save space.In CQB engagements, you can reduce your stock length to have an advantage over your enemies who are using a longer fixed stock. The added manoeuvrability will help you in tight and confined environments.

Fixed Stocks

The opposite of collapsible stocks, a fixed airsoft stock is solid and does not move. This makes the stock feel for reliable and also does not require any prior setup. It’s commonly used in sniper or SBR setups.The fixed long stock means that you have to carry a large gun bag and makes it a bit harder to use in a vehicle, but is still a great sturdy stock to use.

Stock Accessories

There are many additional accessories to stocks, which include rails for attachments, a raised cheek rest for raised scopes, enhanced buttpads, sling mounts and even compartments for batteries and other useful kit.