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Airsoft Silencers

Airsoft silencers are an ideal add-on to your airsoft gun to give that custom look. Silencers are very popular in the airsoft world as it gives your weapon a tactical appearance. We stock a wide range of airsoft suppressors in our UK warehouse. All of our silencers are eligible for free delivery and come with 60 day returns.

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    FMA Octane-I F38×190.5mm Silencer

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What Types Of Airsoft Suppressors Do You Sell?

We look for the best airsoft silencers available and aim to stock them all. You can find what airsoft suppressors we stock below:  

Mock/Dummy Suppressors

The most common type of suppressor in airsoft, a mock or dummy silencer is used to enhance the look of an airsoft players gun. There are many lengths and colours to choose from at Airsoft Deals. At the moment the majority of our silencers in stock are made by FMA. However we plan to expand and purchase more unique silencers in the near future.  

Tracer Unit Suppressors

Tracer units work with a tracer bb to enable the airsoft player to see where their bbs are landing in dark environments. Tracers do this by charging the bb, which is coated with phosphor and activates this to emit a visible light.  

What Are Airsoft Silencers & Suppressors?

Silencers are used by the military, law enforcement and hunter to reduce the sound of a gun when it is discharged. This is to avoid being heard by the enemy or game, but could also be attached during training exercises to avoid noise pollution. A silencer also reduces muzzle flash, which can reveal a shooters position. A silencer is also called a suppressor. In airsoft, guns are already quiet and do not require a real steel silencer. Instead, a silencer is used by most players to add a tactical look to their weapon of choice. There are many types of silencers for airsoft such as dummy or mock suppressors. However, there are dummy silencers with an added tracer unit attached. A tracer unit charges a “tracer bb” which activates the bb and it emits visible light, making it easier to see where your bbs are landing in dark environments.