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Airsoft sights and scopes are a great way to customise your gun to suit your needs. We have a large range of high quality sights and scopes on offer, all items are eligible for fast and free UK delivery and 60 day returns.

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    Red dot sight Type B

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    Red dot sight Type C

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    SRS style solar/battery powered sight

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    Trijicon style RMR red dot sight

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    Troy sights

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Showing 25–29 of 29 results

What Are Airsoft Sights & Scopes Used For?

 Sights are used to aid the shooter in aligning their airsoft gun with their intended target, making them significantly more accurate. There are many different types of sights and scopes such as iron sights, red dot sights, holographic sights, magnifiers and scopes. In Airsoft, a good sight is very important as it provides a clear view of the target. When at a distance, a magnified scope has an advantage over their iron sight counterparts as you can see where the bbs are landing, allowing you to adjust your aim and get on target. The majority of guns come with a standard set of iron sights and enough rail space to attach an optic of their choice. In airsoft, you are not allowed to blind fire at the enemy as this can cause serious injuries, so it’s important that your weapon has a good set of airsoft sights to allow you to remain on target and ultimately stay safe.

What Types Of Scopes Do You Sell?

At Airsoft Deals, we stock a wide range of different sights and scopes, such as:

Iron Sights

Iron sights typically come attached to a gun when purchased and are usually fixed. There are however many iron sights which can be bought separately to suit the airsoft player’s needs.Flip up sights have become very popular and are a great back up sight to use when a scope is attached to the rails and you require a quick CQB sight.45 degree sights are also a great option when using a scope. Instead of removing the scope to use the backup sights, you simple angle your airsoft gun and align the front and rear 45 degree sights to get on target.Iron sights are a must have in airsoft, as you do not know if your sight could break due to being hit and need a quick replacement. Available in full metal or plastic, iron sights are essential.

Red Dot Sights

Red dot sights are a smart upgrade from iron sights. Battery powered, red and green dot sights allow the shooter to align their weapon with the target by using an illuminated red dot. This makes it faster to acquire targets and the many different kinds of red dot designs enable an airsoft player to stand out in a crowd.

Holographic Sights

Similar to red dot sights, holographic sights are a very popular choice in airsoft. Popular in movies, military and law enforcement, holographic sights definitely make your airsoft gun look like it’s owned by a real life “operator”.


A magnifier is used to enhance a red dot sight and magnify it. It turns a 1x red dot optic into a 3x or even 12x zoom optic, allowing for greater accuracy at range.The majority of magnifiers have a flip to side ability which allows the shooter to flip the magnifier to the side in CQB engagements and back for long range firefights.


Scopes are traditionally used on sniper rifles which require precision. They have their own reticle which allows the shooter to have a clear view of the target and is able to adjust their aim, depending on where the bb is seen to hit. There are also adjustments you can make to the scope to zero the scope on target.