Airsoft Rail Accessories

We stock a good selection of airsoft rail attachments in our UK based warehouse. If you are looking to add a custom look to your airsoft rifle then our airsoft rail attachments offer all you need to stand out on the field!

All of our rails come with free delivery for UK customers and 60 day returns.

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    45 degree rail (Black)

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    AK47 Side Rail

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    Full metal carry handle mount for m4 carry handles

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    Larue style Index clips (60 piece set)

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    Mossie Midnight Mount

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    Rail ladder in black x4

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    Rails for G36c x3

  • airsoft handguard rail attachments green
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    XTM style rail covers

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What Types Of Rails & Accessories Do You Sell?

At Airsoft Deals, we sell a great variety of different rails and rail accessories for your airsoft gun. Below are the types of rails/rail accessories we currently have on offer.

45 Degree Rails

45 degree rails are used to add on a range of attachments to your gun. The most common use of 45 degree rails are to attach a laser or torch to the rail. Another use of 45 degree rails is to attach a red dot sight. This allows the airsoft player to have a backup sight in place, they only have to angle the airsoft gun and they can quickly switch their optic, a great option when using a scope and you need a quick CQB optic.

Rail Covers

Rails can usually be sharp, to the point it’s uncomfortable to hold and can gouge wood and furniture if you’re leaning against it. A full metal quad rail can also be rather expensive and so it’s recommended to protect them with rail covers. During games you may get dirt inside the holes of the rails and a rail cover is a cheap way of protecting them.Rail covers are also a great way of customising your weapon, as they come in a variety of colours and styles. It’s also a lot more affordable than a full paintjob and you can have different colours of rails for different environments.

Rail Mounts

Rail mounts is a solution to adding more rail space to your airsoft gun. Some guns do not come with rails as standard and so you will have to add a rail mount to be able to add your attachments.

What Are Rails Used For In Airsoft?

In Airsoft, rails are used to attach different attachments to your gun such as red dot sights, scopes, grips, lights, lasers and grenade launchers. If you’re looking to add any sort of attachment onto your gun, then it’s recommended that you have rail space on your gun to allow attachments to be attached.