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Airsoft Accessories
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    SAPI Dummy Ballistic Plate Set

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    SRS style solar/battery powered sight

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    T1 scope cover

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    T1 Sight Killflash

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    TDI short grip

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    TPOD G2 style bipod/foregrip

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    Trijicon style RMR red dot sight

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    Troy sights

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    Troy style battle axe stock

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    Troy style dual side swivel mount (aeg or gbb)

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    Type D Quick Hook (Large or small) set of 3

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    UTG ambi foldable tactical grip

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Showing 121–132 of 142 results

What Are Airsoft Parts & Accessories?

 Airsoft parts and accessories are what makes your gun stand out, both visually and in terms of performance. The beauty of airsoft guns is that they are so customisable, you’re able to create something totally unique. Whether you want to create a tactical rifle capable of taking on a whole army or a stunning gun to show off to your mates, we have the accessories you need. 

Airsoft Grips

Grips are used to improve the manoeuvrability of the airsoft gun. It’s also a great way to customise your weapon as there are lots of unique grips to choose from. 

Airsoft Sights

Airsoft sights are used for assisting the aiming of your weapon. In airsoft, a scope with magnification is a great advantage as you are able to see the airsoft bbs at a distance, allowing you to adjust your aim and take the enemy out.There are plenty of sights and scopes to choose from, such as red dot sights, holographic sights, scopes and iron sights. 


Handguards are used to protect the user from the hot barrel of a real gun. In airsoft, it usually houses the battery of an aeg rifle. Some handguards have rails which you can attach more attachments to if you wish. 

Airsoft Rifle Stocks

A stock is what is held against the users shoulder when firing an airsoft rifle. There are many variants of stocks which serve a variety of needs and looks. 

PEQ Lasers

Lasers are very popular in airsoft and aid the user in taking accurate shots at the enemy in dark conditions. They are usually attached to a rail on the handguard and some lasers also have space for Lipo batteries to be housed in them. 


Bipods are used to reduce fatigue when using heavy weapons and also improve accuracy. If you have a long airsoft rifle or a LMG then you may want to consider purchasing a bipod. 


Mounts have a variety of uses on guns, they can hold sights, lights, lasers, grips and you can also attach slings to them. These are accessories that are an essential to any airsoft player. 


Silencers are used to reduce the sound a gun makes when it fires. In airsoft, a silencer is purely for looks and is very popular with airsoft players who like the “operator” look. 


Magazines are used in airsoft to hold the bb pellets. There are a number of various types of magazines you can choose from in airsoft, such as:Real capacity magazines: These magazines carry the same number of rounds that a real firearm uses. Low capacity magazines: These magazines typically have less than a 90 round capacity. Mid capacity magazines: Have more capacity than low cap magazines, have less capacity than high cap magazines but operates like a low cap magazine.High Capacity magazines: These magazines usually carry between 200 and 600 rounds, they use a winding system to feed the bbs ready to fire. 


Rails allow accessories to mount to the gun. There are various types of rails, some allow you to attach rails onto a gun which does not traditionally have a rail, such as the AK 47.