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We stock a range of airsoft magazines for a range of airsoft rifles and pistols. If you need extra airsoft mags for a game or to replace your old bb gun magazine, then you will love what we have to offer.

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What Types Of Airsoft Magazines Do You Sell?

At Airsoft Deals, we try our best to offer as many different magazines as possible to fit the requirements of the airsoft player. There is a huge range of different magazines available in airsoft, below we will talk about some of them.

Real Capacity Magazines

If you’re after realism, real capacity magazines are the choice for you. These magazines carry the same amount of rounds as their real steel versions do. This makes it very realistic as you will have to reload often. This type of magazine is very common in the milsim community.

Low Capacity Magazines

Low capacity magazines or “low caps” are commonly used for their quietness, as the bbs do not shake inside the magazines like high caps do nor is there any winding. These mags are used for added realism, a great option if you are looking for a military simulation experience but still want to store a good number of rounds in your magazine.

Mid Capacity Magazines

Mid capacity magazines or “mid caps” are essentially hybrids of the high cap and low cap magazines. Mid caps allow the airsoft player to hold more rounds than a low cap, but the magazine does not wind up like a high capacity does, allowing for a higher rate of fire.

High Capacity Magazines

High capacity magazines or “high caps” are very popular in airsoft due to their large bb capacity. They typically hold between 200 and 600 bbs at a time and use a winding system at the bottom of the magazine to load the bbs. High caps are great as they mean you do not have to carry lots of mags in game days, or constantly reload.

Airsoft Magazine Accessories

There are a variety of different magazine accessories available to enhance your loadout. We will discuss them further below:

Fast Mags

Fast Mags are a great way to reduce the time it takes to reload, as it securely fastens a magazine into its one of a kind pouch, which eliminated the use of pouches that you have to open.

Double Clips

Double clips are used to attach one magazine to another, enabling a very fast reload. This cheap enhancement is a fantastic option if you want a quick fix to slow reloads.


Magpuls are used to quickly retrieve a magazine from a mag pouch, enabling the airsoft player to reload faster.

What Are Airsoft Magazines?

Magazines are used to house bullets in real steel rifles. In airsoft, magazines are also used to store ammunition, in the form of bb pellets. There are many different types of airsoft magazines available, regardless of what type of airsoft gun you have. There are low cap realistic magazines, mid cap and high capacity magazines. In addition to this, there are various styles available, such as large box mags if you’re looking to go for an OP juggernaut or support look.