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We have a large selection of airsoft lasers for sale including PEQ laser sights and other bb gun tactical lasers. We also have many variations of lasers ranging from red to green lasers and laser/flashlight combos.

All of our lasers are eligible for our fast free UK delivery and 60 day returns.

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    PEQ battery box

  • airsoft laser accessory
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    PEQ battery box with working red or green laser

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    PEQ-10 with red laser and flashlight

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    PEQ-15 LED White Light + Red or Green Laser with IR Lenses

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What Are Airsoft Lasers?

 In airsoft, lasers are commonly used by airsoft players to gain an advantage over their enemy, typically in close quarter battle or dark environments. Lasers are in most cases attached to a rail on a gun, however some may even be integrated onto a gun via the trigger guard or barrel attachment.Some lasers have multiple features which make them stand out. There are laser boxes which also have a light or torch attached and some that have a button to quickly turn the laser on and off or switch modes. It’s also common for lasers to come in different colours, such as green, blue and red lasers. In airsoft, a common use for lasers is to buy a PEQ laser battery box, which you store your battery for your airsoft gun inside.Adding a laser to your arsenal is a great way to stand out from the crowd. It gives you a tactical look, great for airsoft players wanting to look like an operator. However, lasers are not just used in airsoft for looks. Attaching an airsoft laser to your gun is very useful in dark or CQB situations. You’re able to tell where exactly you are pointing to in the dark, which allows you to improve your accuracy.

What Airsoft Lasers Do You Sell?

At Airsoft Deals, we sell a good range of different lasers. Which we will talk about in more detail below:

PEQ Battery Box

The battery box is the cheapest item we have on offer in the laser section, as it actually carries no laser. The space is used to fit a battery for your airsoft gun inside and the PEQ box is purely aesthetic.

PEQ Red & Green Lasers

The PEQ laser in red or green is the standard laser in airsoft. It gives you a tactical PEQ box with a fully functioning laser to attach to your rail. There is also space to add a battery if required.

PEQ Lasers With Torch

The top tier airsoft laser, the PEQ laser with torch allows you to switch between a laser or a light to identify enemies and stay on target. Strobe mode is also available on these variants.

PEQ 10 Laser

A PEQ 10 is a smaller version of the other PEQ versions. However it still packs a punch with a laser and light combo.