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Our UK based store has a selection of high quality handguards and rail systems to buy. We have bundles where you can purchase our airsoft handguards with a stock and other airsoft accessories.

All of our handguards are eligible for free delivery to UK customers and 60 day returns.

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What Is A Handguard Used For?

 On real steel guns, a handguard is used to protect the shooter from the hot barrel when firing the weapon. In airsoft, this does not apply. Handguards are also used to allow the user to be able to effectively grip the fore end of the rifle, allowing for better stability of the airsoft gun.Handguards also have a lot of space for rails, which makes it the ideal place to add attachments and other accessories to the weapon. It’s very common for airsoft players to attach a grip or laser to their airsoft gun, these attachments can improve accuracy and provide a more tactical look.

What Types Of Airsoft Handguards Do You Sell?

We have various types of handguard on offer, ranging from Picatinny, M-LOK, and KeyMod varients.

Picatinny Handguards

Picatinny handguards are the most popular type of handguard in the world today and are considered the standard in rail systems. With the majority of attachments and accessories available being compatible with Picatinny rails, you can find these attached to a huge number of guns and also on the underside of pistols for use with torches and lasers.

M-LOK Handguards

Designed by Magpul. An M-LOK handguard allows an airsoft player to attach rails to sections of the handguard, allowing them to reduce the overall weight of the handguard. There are also many attachments available that can be directly mounted onto a M-LOK handguard without use of a Picatinny rail.

KeyMod Handguards

Similar to the M-LOK handguard, a KeyMod Handguard is also designed to allow the user to attach Picatinny rails to areas of the handguard where attachments are used. This open source design is very popular and considered the successor of the Picatinny rails. Many handguard accessories and attachments have also been created to attach directly onto KeyMod Handguards.