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    Fab Defense PTK style foregrip

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    FMA FFG 3 Grip

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    FMA NQ Grip Tac

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    FMA QD Angled Foregrip

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    Fortis shift style angled foregrip

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    Fortis shift style vertical foregrip

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  • Magpul AFG2 Angled Grip for airsoft guns
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    Magpul style AFG2 angled foregrip

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    Magpul style Furniture kit

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    Magpul style Gas Pedal

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  • pistol grip replacement for airsoft rifle
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    Magpul style pistol grip

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    Magpul style RVG grip

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Showing 1–12 of 21 results

What Are Airsoft Grips?

A grip is used to aid the manoeuvrability of an airsoft gun and is a great way to have an edge over the enemy. There are of course different types of grips for different playstyles. The grips are based on their real steel counterparts which are designed for real life situations.The foregrip is a very popular attachment to both airsoft players and shooters. Depending in the shooter, the grip can significantly improve their shooting experience. It’s also very common for players to choose a foregrip just for the looks, opting to customise their weapon to stand out from their peers. Grips are a fantastic way to customise your weapon as they offer improved manoeuvrability as well as a unique look to your airsoft gun. 

What Types Of Grips Do You Sell?

We sell a large range of grips to suit all preferences and needs. We sell vertical foregrips, angled foregrips and pistol grips. We will talk about these specific types of grips below:

Vertical Foregrips

Vertical grips are grips which extend down from the handguard. They allow more control of your weapon with your off trigger hand and in real life situations are used to improve the vertical stability of the rifle while firing. A very popular vertical grip is the RVG Grip

Angled Foregrips

Angled grips were designed with humans in mind. The idea was that this feels more natural for the shooter and that it’s more comfortable. The angled grip gives you a stronger hold of the rifle allowing more precise aiming with less strain. Angled foregrips have become very popular over the last few years. Popular grips include the AFG1, AFG2 angled foregrips and the XTM handstop

Pistol Grips

Pistol grips allow the shooter to point the hand in a forward orientation, similar to that of a pistol. The position of a pistol grip allows great access to the magazine and trigger. A pistol grip serves a variety of other uses, such as a way to stabilise the weapon in a way which a bipod would and in some pistol grips the inside can be used for tool storage. In airsoft, the pistol grip can be used to store a motor inside, such as the Magpul MOE style pistol grip