Airsoft Bipods

It’s important to maintain stability when playing airsoft to ensure your shots are on target. Our range of bipods, grip pods and monopods will ensure you do just that. Bipods also make it more comfortable for you in the prone position.

Our bipods come with fast free delivery and also have 60 day returns.

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    TPOD G2 style bipod/foregrip

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What Are Bipods Used For In Airsoft?

Bipods are a type of attachment to a gun, which is designed to significantly stabilise the airsoft gun, allowing for more accurate and consistent on target shots. A bipod is attached under the barrel and can be rested on the ground, a wall, vehicle or any other surface. It’s basically two sticks attached to the rifle to allow a comfortable and stabilised shooting position.A bipod can help reduce fatigue in airsoft players as it allows them to rest their arms from the weight of the gun but also stay aimed and ready for the enemy players.The most common bipods either are set at a fixed length also known as fixed bipods and adjustable bipods which allow the user to adjust the length of the bipod to fit their terrain. 

Types Of Bipods We Sell

At Airsoft Deals, we sell a number of bipods to suit the needs of airsoft players. Below are details about the types of airsoft bipods we sell.

Fixed Airsoft Bipods

A fixed bipod has a fixed length, which in most situations is fine, especially during target practice. There are no adjustments to make and in comparison to cheap adjustable bipods are more stable.

Adjustable Airsoft Bipods

Adjustable bipods allow the user to adjust the length of either stick, allowing the user to stabilise the rifle even when on uneven terrain. The adjustable bipod is preferred in airsoft as there are lots of different environments an airsoft player can be in on game day. Adjusting the bipod to remain accurate is essential in any airsoft game.

Grip Pods

Grip Pods are a hybrid between a bipod and a vertical foregrip. The bipod can be deployed from the underside of the grip allowing for more stable and accurate shots on demand. This is particularly useful on offensive playstyles as you are moving more than your sniper or support teammates.


A monopod is attached onto the underside of the stock of sniper rifles. This is used to support the rear and provide more accurate and consistent shots. The monopod also helps reduce fatigue as a sniper can be heavy.